Hieronder treft u diverse wetenschappelijke onderzoeken die ten grondslag liggen aan de ontwikkeling van onze Efficiency Software tools.


05-01-20153 reasons to use keyboard shortcuts 06-09-2013The Use of Keyboard Shortcuts (Tak 2007)


16-10-2015Extraneous factors in judicial decisions 17-08-2015The effects of pauze software on the temporal characteristics of computer use (Slijper 2007)
08-10-2014Effects of software programs stimulating regular breaks and exercises on work-related neck and upper-limb disorders (vd Heuvel et. al 2003) 08-10-2014The effects of exercise reminder software program on office workers’ perceived pain level, work performance and quality of life (Irmak 2012)
08-10-2014The Effects of Exercise and Rest Breaks on Musculoskeletel Discomfort (Barredo 2007)


16-10-2015Give Your Ideas Some Legs: The Positive Effect of Walking on Creative Thinking 16-10-2015Repetitive Daily Point of Choice Prompts and Occupational Sit-Stand Transfers, Concentration and Neuromuscular Performance in Office Workers: An RCT
17-08-2015SitStand Workstations (Alkhajah et. al 2012) 17-08-2015Point-of-Choice Prompts to Reduce Sitting Time at Work (Evans, et al 2012)
01-06-2015Ergonomic Evaluation of Electrically Adjustable Table in VDU Work (Choi 2013) 31-10-2014Prompts to disrupt sitting time and increase physical activity at work (Swartz 2014)


11-08-2015Typereflex-methode 04-02-2015Learning to keyboard: does the use of keyboard covers make a difference?